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ErikPshat 26.01.2012 05:08

Rage Reader

Разработчик: Zolgatron
Системные требования: 2.1 и выше
Цена: Бесплатно
Версия приложения: 1.6.1
Размер приложения: 440k
Категория приложения: Комиксы
Рейтинг: 4,8 (Выше среднего)

Rage Reader is a clean and fast reader for rage comics.
You'll love it cuz:
- It is blazingly fast and simple to use
- You can share the comic directly by email
- Save comics directly to your Gallery
- Keeps on loading more as you scroll
- always updated from Reddit (more sources coming)
Aww Yea !
We will keep on improving this app and making it more fun, and look forward to receiving your feedback and bug reports (Seriously?).
Get your daily dose of f7u12 ragecomic faces: coolface, rageface, rage guy, troll trollface, troll dad, melvin, angry, me gusta, Problem?, forever alone, Poker face, and more of the funnier and funniest comic characters!
Never be bored again! These are the best jokes made by people!
- Fixes issues with app slowing down with time, and using too much memory. Improved caching and cleanup!
- Read/Unread comics are marked now - easier to browse now!
- Share via email, facebook, twitter and many more!
- Dialog to avoid accidental exits
- Stability fixes - the most common crash/force close should be fixed now.
- Save comic to phone feature
- Force close on settings menu - fixed
- Bug fixes/speed and stability improvements
- anonymously usage tracking of your app - helps us improve the application rapidly
- Stability improvements - fixed force close due to screen orientation changes while fetching the comics
- Fix polluting the gallery with rage images
- Faster and more bug/crash fixes
- Zoom/pinch for comics made better
- Prettier thumbnail stubs
- more UI improvements

Пост создан с помощью программы GooglePlayGrabber4PSPx ver. 2.2

DeAmouSE 27.06.2012 17:56

Обновленно до версии 1.6.1
Что нового в этой версии:
Thank you all for great feedback and suggestions! I am working hard to add all requested features, so keep the suggestions coming.
This update includes:
- New feature: Save to phone gallery
- Improved: Reduced memory/space used
- Improved: Looks better on Android 4.0 devices
- Improved: Quality of saved images
- Fixed: Avoid ANR on application start up
- Fixed: Menu not showing up on Android 3.0+
- Fixed: devil troll popup asking to rate multiple times
- Removed: Preferences menu item
Пост создан с помощью GooglePlayUpdater4PSPx

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